Gilbert Burns on Colby Covington's injury: "I don't see his name on the X-ray"

Gilbert Burns explained why he does not believe Colby Covington is injured.

by Aryan Lakhani
Gilbert Burns on Colby Covington's injury: "I don't see his name on the X-ray"
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Colby Covington is currently stuck with a foot injury; he claims that he broke his foot in the first 30 seconds against Leon Edwards. However, in the post-fight interview, he said Edwards didn't hurt him at all and failed to even scratch him.

Gilbert Burns is not fully convinced of Colby Covington's injury; he does not believe it's true because he failed to spot Covington's name in the X-ray report and saw him walking comfortably. Gilbert Burns is interested in fighting Colby Covington in the near future, but apparently, Covington never responded to the offers, so the fight never materialized.

Gilbert Burns on Colby Covington's injury

In a recent interview with The ALLStar, Gilbert Burns explained why he does believe Colby Covington's actually injured and spoke about fighting him. "I don't think he — he was going everywhere here," Burns said as quoted by

"I saw him walking everywhere. The X-ray, I don't see his name on the X-ray. I don't know. Then we saw him walk everywhere in Miami, playing poker, going everywhere. I didn't see no cast, I didn't see anything. So, I don't know. It's very hard to believe anything Colby says.

You don't know when it's true, he's a character. I just think a lot of guys said he didn't show up [in the fight]. I think he did show up, but I think Leon just shut him down and I think Leon is — people don't give him a lot of credit, but I think he's very, very good.

He just shut the guy down."

Gilbert Burns on fighting Colby Covington

"I saw a couple things, saying that he might fight Ian Garry or me, is that fight still relevant? Like, the way that guy showed up, two years without fighting.

I don't know. I'm not even thinking of this guy. I called this guy out so many times. He had so many opportunities to fight me. Now my focus is on Jack. After Jack, we'll see, but I'm not passing through Jack. This guy's gonna be very hungry".

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