Joe Pyfer thrilled to fight Jack Hermansson: “I’m on that superstar level”

Joe Pyfer shares his thoughts on figthing Jack Hermansson and explains why he thinks he's on the superstar level.

by Aryan Lakhani
Joe Pyfer thrilled to fight Jack Hermansson: “I’m on that superstar level”
© Carmen Mandato / Getty Images

The middleweight battle between Joe Pyfer and Jack Hermansson is featured as the main event for UFC Fight Night 236, scheduled to take place this Saturday night. This is the perfect opportunity for Joe Pyfer to enter the competitive top 15 rankings; a win against Hermansson will get the job done.

Pyfer is currently undefeated in the UFC with a 90% finish rate. It is worth knowing that Pyfer has either submitted or knocked out every opponent he has faced in the UFC. Joe Pyfer is excited to progress in the competitive division, and this Saturday night, he looks forward to showing the world that he’s a superstar.

Joe Pyfer on being a superstar

Recently to Sports Net, Joe Pyfer explained how he’s already on the superstar level. “I wouldn’t describe it as being thrusted into a spot,” Pyfer said, as quoted by

“I think I’ve earned this spot. I’ve finished three fights, I’ve made sure I’m exciting, I say what I’m going to do, I go out there, and I back it up. I think I’m a draw – I’m becoming a draw, anyway.

I think I’m a trending superstar, and I think if everything goes as I expect it to Saturday, I think I’m on that superstar level. On the way to that level.

Joe Pyfer on getting a fast track to the top

“I deserve the fast track.

I have a story, I have the charisma, I know how to speak, and I’m an absolute freakin’ unit. I don’t care about the ranking – No. 10 (in the UFC’s official rankings) doesn’t make him have extra fighting skills or extra cardio or a better chin to take these punches, I’m just going to treat it like another fight, go out there and do my job and be exciting and talk my stuff”.