Tom Aspinall open to fight Alex Pereira: “I’m not one to turn down fights”

Tom Aspinall shares his thoughts on fighting Alex Pereira

by Aryan Lakhani
Tom Aspinall open to fight Alex Pereira: “I’m not one to turn down fights”
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Tom Aspinall seems to have given up the thought of fighting Jon Jones, he spoke about fighting Stipe Miocic and Alex Pereira. As the UFC interim heavyweight champion, Tom Aspinall will most probably fight a top contender from the heavyweight division.

He could also fight the winner of Jon Jones vs Stipe Miocic. If Jon Jones wins, Tom Aspinall has a chance of being next, considering Jon Jones delays his retirement plans. There have been talks about matching up Tom Aspinall and Alex Pereira.

Nothing has been officially announced or confirmed. Tom Aspinall wants people to know that he’s not strongly interested in fighting Alex Pereira, but if the UFC offers it to him, he will take it. The UFC 300 main event remains a mystery, but fans can expect an official announcement in the coming weeks.

Tom Aspinall on fighting Alex Pereira

Recently on Tik Tok, Tom Apsinall shared his thoughts on fighting Alex Pereira and revealed how many fights he would like to be a part of this year. “On my end, I’ve heard nothing so far,” Aspinall said, as quoted by

“As I’ve said plenty of times before, I’m not one to turn down fights. I’m not particularly looking for that fight [against Alex Pereira], but if it’s available and they offer it to me, I will take it.

I’m ready to fight. There’s been a lot of shouts about who I should fight next, I’m ready to fight. Let me know. It’s as simple as that. Let me know who and where.

Tom Aspinall on how many fights he wants this year

“I’m like the easiest guy ever to entice to a fight.

Every time the UFC has asked me to fight, I said yeah. I’ve never even questioned who, when, where, anything like that. Make me an offer, and it’s highly likely I’ll say yeah.I’d like to have two – two fights is perfect, I think if we can have one around early summer time, and then one the back end of the year, that’s realistic and it’s ideal.

Obviously, I’d like to have more, but you’ve got to be realistic about it.Twice a year is realistic and definitely doable. So two fights would be perfect”.

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