Alexander Volkanovski explains why he lost to Islam Makhachev in the rematch

Alexander Volkanovski talks about the shortcomings he faced ahead of the Islam Makhachev rematch.

by Aryan Lakhani
Alexander Volkanovski explains why he lost to Islam Makhachev in the rematch
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Alexander Volkanovski accepted to fight Islam Makhachev on 10 days short notice after Charles Oliveira pulled out because of a deep eye cut. Volkanovski never made any excuses for facing the loss against Islam Makhachev in the rematch.

Recently Volkanovski revealed how he was chained to unhealthy lifestyle habits like daily drinking before accepting the fight and also said that he was much heavier in weight, which is why it was very difficult for him to get to his peak mental and physical state in such short notice and that friction played a huge role in facing a loss.

Alexander Volkanovski’s lifestyle before accepting the fight

Recently on FREESTYLEBENDER, Alexander Volkanovski explained how miserable he was before accepting the Makhachev fight. “It was like a little kick up * for me – I wasn’t disciplined,” Volkanovski said as quoted by

“I’m known for being disciplined all year round, 24/7 and I just wasn’t that time. I was really disappointed. I was more upset with who I was in the previous months leading up to that. To be honest, it made it a little easier because it snapped me out of it.

It snapped me out of it. I was drinking every day for like three or four weeks.

Alexander Volkanovski gives full credit to Islam Makhachev

“I was like, ‘Let’s do it, I need to snap out of this little rut that I’m in, this is exciting, this is a challenge, and this is something I need right now.

So I was just a little disappointed that time. Losing is always going to suck, but you lose to a fighter like Islam, it’s OK. I know I can beat him. I’ve proven that, but he caught me. All credit to him. I’m not taking anything away from him.

He set up that kick, and there’s not much I can say. I was just disappointed with the guy I was leading into that”.

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