Renato Moicano ready to fight Paddy Pimblett: “I respect you, but I will beat you”

Renato Moicano shares his thoughts on fighting Paddy Pimblett

by Aryan Lakhani
Renato Moicano ready to fight Paddy Pimblett: “I respect you, but I will beat you”
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Renato Moicano is the ‘key’ Paddy Pimblett needs to unlock the door that will enter his name in the competitive top 15 lightweight rankings. Both fighters have gone back and forth; interestingly, Renato Moicano has agreed to fight Paddy Pimblett and wants to know if he will be ready for a showdown in Brazil for UFC 301 scheduled for 3rd May.

Paddy Pimblett has the fame, and Renato Moicano has the rankings; it can turn out to be a fantastic match-up that will play a significant role in elevating both their careers. Moicano also wants people to know that if the Paddy Pimblett fight doesn’t materialize, it won’t matter to him as he will be on his way climbing the ladders to the top.

Renato Moicano on fighting Paddy Pimblett

Recently on The MMA Hour, Renato Moicano shared his thoughts on fighting Paddy Pimblett. “Then he will have to fight me,” Moicano said, as quoted by “Because if you go on my page and you say, ‘I will smoke you,’ now UFC cannot protect you because you put your name on the line, my brother.

Let me tell you something, if you want to fight in Brazil, I’m ready. But maybe you’re too afraid to go to Brazil, I get it, Brazil is a little bit dangerous. But I can fight you in London, in any place, because you are easy money.

I respect you, but I will beat you, so no worries. Who knows? Maybe the UFC will see value in me saying these things and being myself and maybe, ‘OK, Moicano can fight Paddy Pimblett.’ Or not. Maybe they’ll protect him and will try to find another way to put me in the top 15.

It’s not up to me and it doesn’t really matter. If he wants to fight, I’m here, just send the contract. If not, I will keep climbing the rankings, because Moicano is money and the money is at the top”.

Paddy Pimblett