Dustin Poirier explains why he mistakenly said the Benoit Saint-Denis fight was off

Dustin Poirier talks about the miscommunication with Hunter Campbell

by Aryan Lakhani
Dustin Poirier explains why he mistakenly said the Benoit Saint-Denis fight was off
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Dustin Poirier had a strong desire to participate in the historic UFC 300 event because he couldn’t be a part of UFC 200. In spite of trying, UFC booked his fight against Benoit Saint-Denis for UFC 299, which is scheduled for 9th March.

Recently, out of the blue, Dustin Poirier tweeted, stating that the fight was off and that came as a surprise for the entire MMA community. However, within a few hours, Dustin Poirier announced that the fight was back on, and that put a smile on the fans who were looking up to this match.

Poirier blames miscommunication for initially calling off the match.

Dustin Poirier on calling off the fight with Benoit Saint Denis

Recently on The MMA Hour, Dustin Poirier explained why he announced that the Benoit Saint Denis fight was off.

“I don’t want to dive too deep into it,” Poirier said, as quoted by mmafighting.com. “There was some miscommunication — not everybody was on the same page, and I couldn’t get a hold of somebody, and things got a little bit confusing for me, and I was waiting to hear something.

But it is what it is, fight’s on. I feel like the better fighter, unless something crazy happens early, the better fighter wins over five rounds, even if he doesn’t fatigue, or even if it’s not deep waters to him, he’s the god of war.

That’s what he wants. I feel like the rhythm, timing, my experience, I pick up on that stuff the longer the fight goes, and I’ll find openings”.

Dustin Poirier on conversation with Hunter Campbell

“I was talking with [UFC Executive] Hunter [Campbell], and we were like, maybe the opening of the [UFC 300] pay-per-view, maybe the second fight of the pay-per-view, and then [UFC 299] we started talking about, and to be the co-main event, [and] I’m like, that’s a much bigger slot.

It’s close to my training camp, it’s close to home. ... So just I wanted to be part of 300, but this just made more sense, I think”.

Dustin Poirier