Redefining Combat Sports: BKFC and UFC on the Verge of Collaboration

The BKFC director supports the idea of a co-promotion that would allow fighters from the UFC to fight in BKFC as well as his fighters in the UFC, and last week he had a conversation with Dana White about it

by Sededin Dedovic
Redefining Combat Sports: BKFC and UFC on the Verge of Collaboration
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A very important thing happened in the world of martial arts, the key figures of Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), David Feldman and Dana White, recently held a meeting stating the possibility of cooperation between the two dominant organizations in the world bare-knuckle and MMA fights.

For those who don't know, BKFC is a bare-knuckle boxing promotion based in Philadelphia. It is the first promotion to hold an official state-sanctioned and commissioned bare-knuckle boxing event in the United States since 1889.

BKFC events are known for their intense and brutal fights, which take place without gloves or any other padding on the hands. Following last Friday's BKFC 57 in Florida, David Feldman shared his thoughts on the meeting, describing it as "alliance forming".

He emphasized the positive nature of the discussion and said it has the potential for great things, saying, "White is focusing on his UFC, and we're going to focus on our BKFC. Together, we're going to become the premier combat sport on the planet," MMA Fighting reports.

Feldman has previously downplayed the UFC as a competition, arguing that bare-knuckle boxing is significantly different from MMA. However, he expressed his openness to future business dealings with the UFC, particularly regarding the potential for cross-promotional deals.

BKFC has previous experience with such arrangements, exemplified by Michael "Venom" Page's participation in a bare-knuckle match against Mike Perry, courtesy of Bellator. "Our goal is to develop our sport and maximize its potential.

If this means cooperation with other promotions, we are all for it, because we believe that it will only contribute to the growth of the sport, our company and our business. Therefore, we are open to everything which will encourage our expansion", said Feldman.

The prospect of a collaboration between BKFC and the UFC raises many questions and speculations about how fighters, fans and the combat sports industry as a whole benefit from this synergy. Cross-promoting fighters and organizations could lead to exciting new matches, expand the fan base and unlock new markets for these sports.

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