Dana White Behind Closed Doors: He's a fool, Bury him

The antitrust lawsuit against Dana White revealed some surprising things

by Sededin Dedovic
Dana White Behind Closed Doors: He's a fool, Bury him
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In 2014, a group of former UFC fighters, including household names such as Cung Le, Jon Fitch and Brandon Vera, filed a lawsuit against the UFC organization, seeking damages ranging from $800 million to $1.6 billion. The lawsuit accused the UFC, or Zuffa, of manipulating the mixed martial arts industry in a way that is detrimental to the fighters themselves, and this lawsuit was upheld in early August.

Prior to that, documents from the antitrust lawsuit had already surfaced, revealing correspondence between Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta, where the fighters are called derogatory terms, and phrases like "cutting their throats" and "taking their breath away until they write" were mentioned.

Now, Bloody Elbow has received new exchanges involving the same individuals, with a similar narrative prevailing. This time, the legendary Mark Hunt found himself in the crosshairs of White and Fertitta. In August 2014, Fertitta informed White that the contract dispute with the legendary heavyweight had not been resolved, to which the UFC executive responded, "Okay, he's a fool.

Bury him." During his testimony in court, White tried to explain that by "bury him" he meant that Fertitta was suing Hunt. However, legal proceedings between the heavyweight contender and the promotion itself, initiated by Hunt, followed years after this email was sent.

In addition, Bloody Elbow also released text messages from late May 2014, centered around Jon Jones. A month earlier, White announced a rematch between Jones and Alexander Gustafson, while "Bones" wanted to fight Daniel Cormier instead.

"What about Jones? Has he gotten better or is he still trash?" Dana asked Fertita, who replied: "He's still a fool, but we're getting closer to a deal. I didn't give him the money, but I sent him a letter with an ultimatum." "Great, screw that loser, Lorenzo. He needs to know we don't need him or he's going to screw us over even more than he already is," White concluded.

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