Cory Sandhagen hopes to be the next title challenger: “Haven’t given up hope”

Cory Sandhagen can foresee being the next title challenger.

by Aryan Lakhani
Cory Sandhagen hopes to be the next title challenger: “Haven’t given up hope”
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Cordy Sandhagen is a few steps away from flipping his career around and fulfilling his goal of becoming the UFC bantamweight champion of the world. Sandhagen’s fate lies in the outcome of Sean O’Malley vs Marlon Vera; if Marlon Vera claims a win, Sandhagen will most likely get the next title shot.

However, If Sean O’Malley claims a win, Merab Dvalishvili will have a higher chance of being the next title challenger. Cory Sandhagen is still recovering from a torn tricep and is soon expected to make a return.

Cory Sandhagen on getting a title shot

Recently on The MMA Hour, Cory Sandhagen explained why he deserves to be next for the title shot.

“I kind of haven’t given up hope on being able to fight for the title next,” Sandhagen said, as quoted by “So [the injury] hasn’t taken too much wind out of my sails.I still see a lot of argument for me fighting for the belt, I beat Chito less than 365 days ago.

Me and O’Malley is definitely one of the most exciting fights you can certainly make, maybe in [all] the UFC, in the top five, top 10 most exciting matchups that could potentially happen. You have two guys in their prime that have really exciting styles.

That would be an awesome matchup, so I have a lot of hope. I feel like the fans really want to watch me and O’Malley fight if he comes out with a win. If Chito wins, that’s an easy argument for myself, too, being that I [beat] him less than 365 days ago”.

Cory Sandhagen on Merab Dvalishvili being next for the title fight

“Merab’s done a lot, he’s been working really hard. The kind of only arguments I have over Merab, if Merab were to win, is that I just beat Chito not too long ago, and then me and O’Malley is just a banger of a fight. A really exciting fight. But I do completely understand that from Merab’s point of view”.

Cory Sandhagen