Alexander Volkanovski still aims to conquer the lightweight division

Alexander Volkanovski is ready to explore the lightweight division.

by Aryan Lakhani
Alexander Volkanovski still aims to conquer the lightweight division
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Alexander Volkanovski has been one of the most consistent featherweight champions; he captured the belt in 2019 and has been successfully defending the belt ever since. In less than a few weeks, he will test Ilia Topuira.

The entire world is waiting to see if Topuria can successfully dethrone Volkanovksi. In the featherweight division, Alexander Volkanokvsi has achieved nothing but colossal success. However, his appearance at 155 has been disappointing; he lost twice against Islam Makhachev.

Most fans thought Volkanovski won the first fight against Makhachev, and in the second fight, he accepted the fight on 10 days short notice. Volkanovksi is not one to quit; the adversity he faces motivates him to explore the division even more, and he aims to participate in a lot of matches at 155.

Alexander Volkanovski on fighting at 155 pounds

During the recent UFC 298 pre-fight press conference, Alexander Volkanovski shared his thoughts on fighting in the lightweight division again. “Definitely not,” Volkanovski said as quoted by

“Obviously straight after – I’m a realist. I’m not expecting a rematch straight away. Everyone’s going to see that. They’re going to be like ‘the age thing’ and all that. There’s going to be some people doubting.

‘Is his time done?’ – which is hyping up this fight, so I’m all good with it. But, everybody’s going to be reminded, and everybody is going to be switching a full 180 (degrees) saying there’s nothing left for me at 145, and they want me to go take that lightweight belt.

That’s what I plan on doing. I’m going to go out there take care of Ilia and we’ll see what’s next, but lightweight definitely in the near future”.

Alexander Volkanovski on what’s next

“I like having a clear guy, which is Topuria right now – which is unreal, but as I said earlier, lightweights are obviously there, so that’s probably something that I’ll look to because I’ll want to fight a few times this year, as well.

Who’s next? I don’t know.Obviously you’ve got guys like Movsar (Evloev), who’s undefeated and all that. But it just needs to be clear. There’s guys who won’t be too far off, but time will tell who’s there. But while we’re figuring that out, we’ll have some fun fights at lightweight, maybe”.

Alexander Volkanovski