Luke Rockhold reflects on sparring with Sean Strickland: “He’ll try to kill you”

Luke Rockhold shares his thoughts on Sean Strickland's sparring sessions.

by Aryan Lakhani
Luke Rockhold reflects on sparring with Sean Strickland: “He’ll try to kill you”
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The former UFC fighter Luke Rockhold recalls sparring with Sean Strickland; it seemed like a bizarre experience as Rockhold was surprised to see Sean Strickland not stop even when he was supposed to. Rockhold sparred with Sean Strickland being hungover, and according to him, their sparring session recorded close rounds.

Sean Strickland recently lost his middleweight to Dricus Du Plessis; immediately after the match was over, he admitted that Dricus Du Plessis won the match, yet for some reason, on social media, he’s claiming the exact opposite.

Luke Rockhold on Sean Strickland’s sparring sessions

Recently, on the JAXXON Podcast, Luke Rockhold reflected on the time he saw Sean Strickland sparring with other fighters and explained how he never stopped. “He’s that guy that just doesn’t care,” Rockhold said, as quoted by

“He’ll try to kill you. Sean Strickland walked into RVCA one time, and he was such a loud mouth idiot. I was like, ‘Who the * is this guy?’ I was so hungover. I was so annoyed. I was like, ‘*, I’m going to get in a spar with this guy.

I can’t even take it.’ But I’d seen him, he’d hurt a guy in the gym. He hurt a guy with a head kick. Maybe like 30 seconds left, he wobbled him, and the coach was like, ‘Keep going, finish the round.’ Instead of what most people would do, which is try to work with him – especially when you’re on somebody else’s turf.

Luke Rockhold on sparring with Sean Strickland

“I remember we got into a little brawl for one round,He’s tricky. He’s a little tricky guy. I went into the bathroom. I put paper towel. I wrapped it in my teeth like an old school wet mouthpiece, and I was swallowing the thing, sparring him hungover, and it was close. It was a close round. I would love to get him back out here”.

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