The McGregor Effect: Michael Chandler admits it was frustrating to wait

It is probably clear to everyone why Chandler is waiting for the match with Conor so much

by Sededin Dedovic
The McGregor Effect: Michael Chandler admits it was frustrating to wait
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Conor McGregor's long-awaited return to the UFC has been a saga that has unfolded over several months, marked by uncertainty, numerous potential dates and various problems, including those with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).

McGregor's absence from the Octagon has put fans in a position to eagerly await news of his return and potential showdown against Michael Chandler. Chandler, aware of the financial windfall that would come with a fight against McGregor, has shown patience during this period of uncertainty.

Despite frustrating delays and numerous opportunities to look for alternative opponents, the American fighter wants to wait for Conor, aware of his global popularity. In a recent statement to MMA Fighting, Chandler candidly expressed the challenges of waiting for such a high-profile matchup: "I'd be lying if I told you there weren't times when I was very frustrated.

There were times when I said I was going to fight someone else, which everyone tells me I should have done months ago. However, I put my signature on that contract, I made a commitment. I want to fight Conor, he wants to fight me.

" Despite the temptation to deviate from the original plan, Chandler is happy with the positives the time off has brought him: "For every moment of frustration, there was a moment of realization. I'm sitting for a year, no harm, letting my body recover.

I'm spending time with my family , I enjoy the holidays. I missed all that in the past. " The financial incentive that comes with facing McGregor is undoubtedly the key point behind Chandler's patience. While he may no longer harbor title-chasing ambitions, the prospect of a big payday against the Irish icon will likely outstrip any earnings he's made in his career and possibly all earnings to date.

It will certainly be a highly watched match, because after long announcements and various rumors, the time has finally come for Conor McGregor to return to the ring.

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