Will McGregor and Poirier fight for the belt after all?

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Will McGregor and Poirier fight for the belt after all?

Khabib Nurmagomedov announced the end of his fighting career a few moments after the victory over Justin Gaethje, but two months later the name of the undefeated Dagestani is still officially listed as that of the current UFC lightweight champion.

"I will not lie to you, it is nice to be the current champion. But the title will become vacant and someone will replace me, and I will probably be the champion until the meeting with Dana White," Khabib recently revealed, who should be in Abu Dhabi next month.

with the UFC president. The topic will be several, from the collaboration of the UFC and Khabib’s Eagle Fighting Championship to White’s attempt to persuade one of his biggest stars to at least one more match.

If Dana fails in his plan, the lightweight division will be left without a champion, and the assumption is that the UFC could solve this problem very quickly by fighting Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier. Namely, the famous Irishman and Poirier will fight again on January 23 in the main fight of UFC 257, and Dustin believes that the winner could become the new champion.

Khabib is definitely retireed

McGregor and Poirier will now have a great chance to try to win the belt. Khabib was too dominant in his category and hardly any of them would have come to the belt any time soon if Khabib was still there.

Therefore, they will both try to take advantage of this fact and believe that Khabib has definitely made his decision and that there is no chance that he will return to the UFC. It seems that Dustin is not aware of the importance of such a match or at least that is how he wants to present things to the public "I think Khabib is a man of his word.

If he said he retired, then he probably retired as well. I have a feeling Conor and I could be fighting for the belt," The Diamond explained in an interview with BT Sport. "He's a former champion, and I'm a former interim champion who wants to pull gold around his waist again.

Both my and his last defeat came from a fight with the current, retired champion. So, I don't know ... But there's a story to tell with a lot of fights like this. Despite everything, I try not to bother with things like that because in January I'm fighting one of the best in the world, "Dustin said. Do you think a title fight awaits us at UFC 257?