Ilia Topuria offers Yair Rodriguez a piece of advice

Ilia Topuria responds to Yair Rodriguez’s statements

by Aryan Lakhani
Ilia Topuria offers Yair Rodriguez a piece of advice
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Yair Rodriguez thinks Ilia Topuria got a title shot opportunity solely because of his ability to talk. Rodriguez isn’t impressed with Topuria’s fighting resume; he thinks Topuria got his opportunity way too soon.

All doubts will soon be cleared. Topuira is currently undefeated; on 17th February, the world shall find out if Alexander Volkanovski ends his winning streak. Yair Rodriguez eagerly wants one more shot at the title; a few dominating wins could allow him to reach that stage again.

As for now, Yair Rodriguez will face Brian Ortega on 24th February.

Ilia Topuria on Yair Rodriguez

In a recent interview with KOLmenero, Ilia Topuria shared his thoughts on Yair Rodriguez accusing him of getting a title shot just because of his talk.

“They have not been giving me big fights because I’ve been talking, but because I have been winning, which is something that differentiates him and me,” Topuria said, as quoted by

“I don’t win fights because my opponent’s (Ortega) shoulder pops out. I don’t win because they beat me up, and in the fifth round he (Jung) took an elbow that I don’t even know where it came from.

They don’t use me as a rag in the fights. Topuria further said: “What do you mean I talk? Let him talk, and he will see that he will not get anything, If he is going to see this, a piece of advice for him: Let him start winning, and he will start receiving things.

Talking doesn’t get you anything. What you have to do is to win, which is something that is hard to do”. Yair Rodriguez could get to face Ilia Topuria if Topuria fails to claim a win against Alexander Volkanovski. Rodriguez’s fight against Ortega is almost a month away, an important rematch for both fighters.