Jamahill Hill scoffs at Magomed Ankalaev for expecting a title shot

Jamahill Hill believes Magomed Ankalaev is not entertaining enough to get a title shot.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jamahill Hill scoffs at Magomed Ankalaev for expecting a title shot
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The former UFC light heavyweight champion Jamahal Hill is patiently waiting to recover fully so that he can fight for his vacated belt. Magomed Ankalaev recently secured a dominating win against Johnny Walker and made it very clear that he wants the title fight as early as possible.

Jamahall Hill found Ankalaev’s statements outrageous. The former champ believes Magomed Ankalaev does not have a strong PPV salability and that it’s foolish of him to think that the UFC would give him the next title shot.

Jamahal Hill on Magomed Ankalaev

In a recent YouTube video, Jamahal Hill shared his thoughts on Magomed Ankalaev, expecting a title shot. “That’s some weird math to try to math,” Hill said, as quoted by mmajunkie.usatoday.com.

“First, Magomed, just – I get it, you trying to … you want your dream to come true and things like that. You want to get back to a shot and you’re hungry. Bro is not very bright. He doesn’t do bright things.

Nothing about his movement or motion or anything he does seems bright at all, so I’m not really surprised that he has a not-so-bright take on this whole thing. We’re in the entertainment business, and you’re not entertaining, nobody wants to watch you fight.

Nobody’s rushing to pay for your pay-per-view. So whenever it comes down to exciting and people want to see fight, I guarantee you more people want to see me fight than they want to see you fight. That alone, that math, is already killing you.

My last four fights have been domination, finish, finish, finish. I’m the former champion. You were given the same chance to become champion and you * the bed. You couldn’t finish the job. You couldn’t do it. It wasn’t meant to be for you.

Whenever I stepped up, I showed my true colors and I showed that I was worthy to step in and actually be a champion”.