Rose Namajunas gives an update on her injury

Rose Namajunas' injured finger is fine and she won't go for surgery.

by Aryan Lakhani
Rose Namajunas gives an update on her injury
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Rose Namajunas is on a steady decline; she is currently on a two-match losing streak. Namajunas has shifted to the flyweight division; in her recent fight with Manon Fiorot, she suffered an awful injury. Her pinky finger was damaged in an attempted punch.

Her finger looked obnoxious in shape; catch a glimpse below:

However, the good news is that Namajunas is fine and won’t have to go through surgery.

She can make a fist, which indicates that there is nothing much to worry about. Rose Namajunas is set to face Amanda Ribas on 23rd March. A must-win for both fighters.

Rose Namajunas on her injury

Recently on The MMA Hour, Rose Namajunas reflected a little on the injury she faced in her fight with Manon Fiorot.

“I went through a sprint-step right hand,” Namajunas said, as quoted by “But my glove was a little wide. My hand probably was a little loose, too, and my pinky just caught right on her forearm.

It just jammed my pinky, and I knew instantly something was wrong. It was funny, because like, by the end of the fight, in the third round, I switched lefty and I started finding my left hand, and I was dropping her, I was like, ‘Oh, man, I wish we had two more rounds.’ I got all stressed out about it, and then I ended up seeing a hand specialist, and they said that I didn’t need surgery.

The only thing that surgery would really do is just make it a little more straight. As long as I can make a fist, and I can grab with it, and it’s strong ... the doc said it’s nothing that you could make stronger.

So it’s just like, you just got a little crooked finger. But it’s all all good, which is what I thought in the first place”.