Arnold Allen wants to be considered for a title fight after facing Movsar Evloev

Arnold Allen shares his thoughts on fighting Movsar Evloev.

by Aryan Lakhani
Arnold Allen wants to be considered for a title fight after facing Movsar Evloev
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Arnold Allen seemed to be on a never-ending winning streak. However, he was pulled out of his strong winning momentum after facing the top featherweight contender, Max Holloway. Allen and Holloway fought in 2023 in which Holloway was successful in putting a full stop to Arnold Allen’s 10 match winning streak with a unanimous decision win.

Arnold Allen was hoping to fight an opponent from the top 5 rankings, but for some reason, the UFC matched him up with Movsar Evloev, who remains unranked; it is worth knowing that he is undefeated and could turn out to be a tough test for Arnold Allen.

Movsar Evloev vs Arnold Allen is scheduled to take place on 21st January for the UFC 297 card.

Arnold Allen on fighting Movsar Evloev

During the recent media day, Arnold Allen shared his thoughts on fighting Movsar Evloev and revealed what he wants out of it.

“I think he’s [Movsar Evloev] a really good athlete, a really good fighter, highly skilled. Yeah, a dangerous opponent,” Allen said, as quoted by “I can kind of relate to those feelings when I was coming up when I wanted to fight top guys and no one wanted to give up their rankings to fight someone below them.

There are tougher fighters outside of that. Sometimes I look up, and I see someone ranked higher than me, and he’s an easier fight than this one. It’s very easy to be No. 3 and be like, ‘I’m only fighting No.

2 or 1. Everyone does that. It sucks. I want to be world champion, and I think this is the fight that puts me back into the title picture, After the Holloway fight, I was asking for Ortega. Same thing I was saying earlier, he was a fight I thought was easier than these guys down the line, and he was a higher-ranked guy, so it made sense.

I don’t want easy matchups. This guy is tougher. He’s [Movsar Evloev] undefeated and wants to prove his own claim at a title, and I want to show I’m still there in that picture”.