Joe Rogan acknowledges how Colby Covington's comments about Edwards father backfired

Joe Rogan shares his thoughts on Leon Edwards' recent performance and spoke about Covington's trash talking.

by Aryan Lakhani
Joe Rogan acknowledges how Colby Covington's comments about Edwards father backfired
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Colby Covington opened an unhealed wound by bringing Leon Edwards's deceased father into the fighting scenario by making irrelevant comments about him. Edwards was visibly affected but remained professional by keeping those emotions away after stepping into the cage with Covington.

Joe Rogan believes Covington's trash-talking backfired on him; Covington was successful in getting inside Edwards's mind, but that wasn't enough to shake the champion. People expected a lot more from both fighters, and some fans and experts labelled the fight as 'boring'

Such a narrative crept in because both Edwards and Covington said a lot during the build-up of the event and promised explosive performances, but they failed to live up to their statements.

Joe Rogan on Colby Covington

In a recent episode of his podcast, Joe Rogan spoke about Colby Covington's trash-talking and explained why he was impressed with Leon Edwards performance.

"Colby talked so much s***," Rogan said, as quoted by "It was * up [what he said about Leon's dad]. That's Colby. He's the master at getting under people's skin but I think in that fight it backfired. He didn't look good".

Joe Rogan on Leon Edward's performance

"I was impressed with Leon, I think that the problem in that Colby fight is Leon. He was so dangerous. He was so sharp. He is so technical on his feet. [Leon Edward's] grappling is very good, I think that's where the tactical errors were made.

That's what I was critiquing at the fight. I was like I don't think he fought the smartest way because I think he could have avoided those exchanges and he had this massive advantage in the standup. He still won the fight handily but at the end when Colby's on top of him, at the very end of the fight, that doesn't look good.He won 100 percent, he looked great and on the feet, he is so sharp. So sharp".

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