Dricus Du Plessis does not regret stretching the line against Sean Strickland

Dricus Du Plessis explains why he does regret making comm

by Aryan Lakhani
Dricus Du Plessis does not regret stretching the line against Sean Strickland
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Dricus Du Plessis is a few days away from entering one of the biggest fights of his career. All fighters dream for this moment to come true. However, apart from just participating in a title fight, Du Plessis strongly aims to snatch that belt away from the current champion, Sean Strickland.

A lot has been said and done during the build-up of this event. Dricus Du Plessis made some heavy comments that noticeably affected Sean Strickland, but since Strickland has been worse to others on countless occasions, Du Plessis has no regrets for his actions.

This Saturday night, the world will find out if the middleweight division has a new champion.

Dricus Du Plessis on fighting Sean Strickland

Recently on The MMA Hour, Dricus Du Plessis explained why he doesn’t regret anything said to Sean Strickland.

“I don’t regret anything,” Du Plessis said, as quoted by mmafighting.com. “I said what I said. Listen, if you’re dishing it out, you’re going to get it. I’m not going to keep on hammering on it, but I stand by what I said.

I did not joke about it. What happened was fact. I stated fact. He joked about it, in previous interviews. I didn’t joke about it, I stated the facts. Obviously, it had a massive effect on him. I won’t be hammering on that because it’s not necessary.

I got the results I wanted. I don’t need to hammer on one thing. Obviously, it’s terrible that it happened to him, but it did. Don’t project onto others what you don’t want to happen to you. That’s the way it is.

He disrespected me, disrespected my coach, and I won’t let that slide. So take that and now we’re on a clean page. We start over. It’s strictly business. Nothing’s personal. I have no animosity towards him. I said what I said, what happened, happened, there’s no animosity, from my side at least. I’m here to do my business. I’m here to win a fight”.

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