Sean Brady believes Belal Muhammad deserves the title fight

Sean Brady shares his thoughts on Belal Muhammad getting a title fight.

by Aryan Lakhani
Sean Brady believes Belal Muhammad deserves the title fight
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Belal Muhammad is most likely going to be next to share the cage with Leon Edwards. For some reason, fans and a few MMA experts cannot comprehend Belal Muhammad as a credible title challenger; people think he hasn’t done enough to fight for the prestigious UFC welterweight belt.

Belal Muhmmad’s former opponent Sean Brady thinks differently, Brady thinks Belal Muhammad has earned his spot because of beating most of the fighters in the top 10. Belal Muhammad was the only opponent to give Sean Brady the bitter taste of defeat.

Brady is a few significant wins away from getting a title shot. It will be interesting to see if he can secure a rematch with Belal Muhammad.

Sean Brady on Belal Muhammad

Recently on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Sean Brady explained why he thinks Belal Muhammad deserves the title shot.

“Belal’s good,” Brady said, as quoted by “I know I can beat Belal but I’m happy for him. He went on, he beat Gilbert [Burns], he’s going to fight for the belt next. They haven’t announced it but there’s nobody else.

He deserves it. He’s beaten the most guys in the top 10. He deserves it. I think he has a good chance of doing really well, it’s there for him. He deserves it and he should get it and I’m happy for him. I don’t know why he gets so much hate.

He’s not a bad dude. He trains hard. He gets a lot of hate but I’m happy for him. That’s going to be a good fight”.

Sean Brady on losing the ‘undefeated’ record

“Being undefeated, it gets tied to you, everyone sees you.

They’re like ‘you’re going to be the champion, you’re going to stay undefeated.’ Then you’re like damn, I’m not even fighting to win this fight, I’m just fighting to stay undefeated, if that makes sense. Like I can’t lose this record”.