Johnny Walker is not against the referee stoppage: “Decision was probably fair”

Johnny Walker shares his thoughts on the recent loss.

by Aryan Lakhani
Johnny Walker is not against the referee stoppage: “Decision was probably fair”
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Johnny Walker looked unprepared against Magomed Ankalaev. This was a crucial match for him, but he failed to showcase his best. A win would have allowed Walker to share the cage with Alex Pereira. Magomed Ankalaev seemed to have pressurized Walker, and in the second round, Ankalaev unleashed his explosive side and dropped Walker to the floor with a powerful right hook.

Some people are arguing whether it was an early stoppage.

Johnny Walker decided to delve into the topic, and he recently confirmed that it was a fair decision but was hoping for the referee to give him a few seconds before finalizing the stoppage.

Johnny Walker on the referee stoppage

In the post-fight interview, Johnny Walker expressively spoke about the loss and the referee stoppage.

“The only thing that I think could have changed is giving me five minutes to breathe and see what was going on,” Walker said, as quoted by “It landed on my chin, of course, and I must have felt something there.

We are too tough and sometimes we don’t really know how much it affected us. The doctor’s decision was probably fair because I couldn’t move my neck after the fight, my collar bone was swollen. So if I go back into the fight, I would be in disadvantage because he landed an illegal blow and my body felt it, like a car crash.

I have nothing to complain about [regarding] the doctor because he made the right choice, it really was a hard knee, but we’re too tough for our own good and I didn’t feel it at the time. I was sore for a week because of that knee.

He made the right choice because I would have been in disadvantage, so he has to make the call for me. We’ll never admit it and say, ‘I got hit by that knee and I don’t want to fight anymore’.