Magomed Ankalaev humbled Johnny Walker with a classy knockout win

Magomed Ankalaev is happy with the win, wants the title fight next.

by Aryan Lakhani
Magomed Ankalaev humbled Johnny Walker with a classy knockout win
© Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

The light heavyweight battle between Magomed Ankalaev and Johnny Walker was absolutely explosive; it was a significant opportunity for Johnny Walker to elevate his career and fulfil his desire to get a title shot, but he failed to seize the opportunity.

This knockout will haunt him for a long time. Ankalaev looked more dominant since the beginning of the match; in round 2, he could no longer hold himself. A strong right hook is all it took for Ankalaev to wave Johnny Walker a goodbye!

Watch the knockout "here". Magomed Ankalaev looks like a very dangerous opponent; he is currently on a 10-match winning streak and is most likely going to be next to fight the UFC light heavyweight champion, Alex Pereira. With the recent win, Magomed Ankalaev has updated his professional MMA record to 19-1-1.

Ankalaev may show up next after the UFC 300 event.

Magomed Ankalaev’s post-fight interview

In the post-fight interview, Magomed Ankalaev shared his thoughts on securing a massive win against Johnny Walker. “I was prepared for this a long time,” Ankalev said, as quoted by

“I wanted the rematch right away. Everybody who comes out to fight against me tries in the first round to pick a key against me, to figure out how to figure me out, but it’s not something they can do. When I come out here, I am open for the hunt and everybody in front of me is the hunted.

I’m ready to fight for the title, I have 10 victories in a row, it’s been a long time. I’m worth it. Give me that fight for the title now!”. Magomed Ankalaev is a potential threat to Alex Pereira; it will be very interesting to see when the UFC announces their fight.

Johnny Walker has a lot of corrections to make; climbing back to the top is definitely going to be difficult, but if he wants it strongly enough, he will make it.