A thief tries to rob MMA star Polyana Viana, the girl knocks him out!

From Brazil comes a truly incredible and funny story... except for the thief!

by Lorenzo Ciotti
A thief tries to rob MMA star Polyana Viana, the girl knocks him out!
© Dana White X account

A truly incredible story arrives in 2019, from Brazil, as reported by the X account @PicturesFoIder. And the story is about a famous athlete, who found herself face to face with potential danger. As told by the account, a thief approached a woman who was alone outside her home in Brazil. The thief asked the woman the time and then threatened her with a cardboard gun.

However, the thief didn't know who he was dealing with, unfortunately for him! In fact, the woman he was attempting to rob was Polyana Viana, a professional MMA fighter.

Polyana Viana
Polyana Viana© Joe Scarnici / Stringer Getty Images Sport

"I called a car from my apartment: I was in a hurry and I went down the street to wait. I checked and I didn't see anyone, I think he arrived very quickly. He sat down and asked me the time, I told him, but he didn't go away," said the athlete. A pretext, that of the thief, to then attempt to steal her smartphone: "Give me the cell phone, don't do anything because I'm armed," said the criminal.

Polyana Viana knocks out a thief who tried to ron her!

Polyana, instead of responding to the thief's requests, hit and knocked down the man with two punches and a kick. Not only! Polyana quickly subdued him with a rear choke, until the police arrived and arrested the man.

"He was very scared and feared that I might beat him again," Polyana said. After the complaint, it emerged that the thief is an old woman and a convicted felon who had just finished serving three years in prison. The episode occurred in Rio de Janeiro, while Polyana was waiting for an Uber car to go home when the man approached her with an excuse.

The 26-year-old athlete is a martial arts champion. in total, Ployana has already won ten out of 12 fights and is appreciated above all for the speed of her moves in the ring. Also Dana White shared what happened through his X account: