Michael Chandler: I'm going to smash Conor and end his career

Both fighters started announcing a lot, but in the cage we will see who will fulfill their words

by Sededin Dedovic
Michael Chandler: I'm going to smash Conor and end his career
© Carmen Mandato / Getty Images

One of the most popular mixed martial arts fighters, Conor McGregor, recently shocked the fighting world by announcing his return scheduled for the sixth month of this year. In a video on social media, McGregor revealed that he will be fighting Michael Chandler, a veteran fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

However, despite the bold statement, the UFC still hasn't officially confirmed the much-anticipated matchup. Official confirmation has been expected for days, and the two fighters have already entered into the announcement and verbal war, even though the match has not been confirmed.

According to McGregor's announcement, the bout is expected to take place at middleweight, which is a surprising move given McGregor's previous fights in the lower divisions. While we all await confirmation from the UFC, Chandler, the supposed opponent, admitted that he has heard similar rumors.

"I can confirm, I've heard the same thing. You just have to remember that the UFC hasn't announced this yet. As for the weight class, know that there are two reasons why he said the fight will be in the middleweight division.

The first is that Conor wants to maintain the narrative that is bigger than it actually is, you all think it's huge because of the angle, the cameras, the photographers and everything,'' Chandler said on his YouTube channel.

In a recent commentary on his YouTube channel, Chandler shed light on McGregor's choice of middleweight. He attributed this to McGregor's desire to maintain a larger-than-life narrative, suggesting the fighter aims to create a perception of size through camera angles and media coverage.

Chandler further dismissed the claim that McGregor is too big to compete in his weight class, and announced that he would quickly finish the Irishman off and send him into retirement. The question remains: will the UFC support McGregor's return against Chandler, and in what weight class will this epic showdown take place? Until then, we will hope that it is true that the match will take place and we hope for a quick announcement of the match by Dana White and the UFC.

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