Chris Weidman's Last Stand: Former UFC Champion Contemplates Retirement

Weidman on 30.3. he fights against Bruno Silva, and if he also loses to him, it will really be a sign that he has to stop fighting

by Sededin Dedovic
Chris Weidman's Last Stand: Former UFC Champion Contemplates Retirement
© Paul Rutherford / Getty Images

Former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman, once one of the best fighters in the world in the Octagon, is preparing for what could be his final comeback at the age of nearly forty. Despite a remarkable career that has seen him hold the championship since 2015, Weidman's recent record tells a different story, with just two wins and a staggering seven losses since then.

In his last outing, Weidman faced a loss to Brad Tavares last summer, marking his return after a nearly two-and-a-half-year hiatus. Despite his struggles with poor results and his advanced age, Weidman recently confirmed his commitment to a new bout, expressing uncertainty about the future of his fighting career: "Honestly, I wasn't sure.

I'm thinking about the future right now and I wasn't sure. I was kind of trying to listen to my body and be healthy. Mentally and in terms of motivation, I still think I'm on top of the world. But my body took a big damage. This could be my last fight.

I'll make a decision at the end of the camp when I see how I feel. If my body can handle the camp, I could continue," said Weidman with Daniel Cormier.

Bruno Silva next obstacle

Weidman's quick acceptance of the upcoming bout against Bruno Silva, scheduled for March 30, reflects his genuine desire to compete in Atlantic City, where he began his career due to the then-illegal status of MMA in New York.

Acknowledging the toll his body has taken, Weidman understands the significance of this fight, admitting it could be his last chance to assess his abilities. That fight will give him the final answer as to what to do next in his career.

As he faces Bruno Silva, the outcome will undoubtedly play a key role in shaping Weidman's decision going forward. A loss in this fight could mark the end of an era for the former champion, forcing him to consider retirement.