UFC Veteran Matt Brown: Avoid short notice fights, put career before finances

Brown is certainly right when it comes to careers, but many fighters want to make extra money by accepting matches like this

by Sededin Dedovic
UFC Veteran Matt Brown: Avoid short notice fights, put career before finances
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In the fast-paced and physically demanding world of mixed martial arts, fighters often face unexpected challenges that can impact their careers. UFC veteran Matt Brown recently shared his insights into a common dilemma in the sport: accepting fights on short notice.

While the appeal of the extra income is undeniable, Brown advises fighters, especially younger ones, to carefully consider the bigger picture before committing to such bouts. MMA, as a sport, is known for the countless injuries fighters suffer during training and competition.

It's not unusual for an athlete to get injured right before a scheduled fight, which is why the organizers are scrambling to find a replacement. This often results in fighters approaching the challenge at short notice, sometimes with only a few weeks or even days to prepare.

Speaking in "The Fighter vs. On The Writer'' show, Brown emphasized the importance of looking at the larger scope of his career and fight path. "One of the pieces of advice I would give to younger fighters is, if you see a successful guy in any business, you'll know he has the ability to see the bigger picture.

So you have to look at the bigger picture of your career, you have to look at the bigger picture of your martial journey,'' Brown began. "I think some people, whether it's good or bad, just don't look at the bigger picture when they hear an opportunity.

They just accept and say they want to fight. Like my younger self, I made that mistake quite often. ''

Career ahead of finance

Accepting fights in the short term can earn fighters respect and appreciation from organizations like the UFC, but Brown says it's crucial to consider the potential long-term impact on one's career.

While the financial incentive can be tempting, Brown's advice reflects the view that fighters should prioritize their overall career trajectory and not sacrifice their preparation for immediate gains. In MMA fight cancellations are inevitable due to injuries, of course when a popular competitor drops out of a main event it is normal for the UFC to find a replacement as soon as possible.

Brown's words serve as a reminder for younger fighters to strike a balance between seizing opportunities and preserving the longevity of their careers. This sport requires strategic planning and resilience.