The Best Commentary Reactions in UFC's 2023 Compilation / VIDEO

A compilation we always love to watch, the UFC has picked out the best commentator reactions of 2023

by Sededin Dedovic
The Best Commentary Reactions in UFC's 2023 Compilation / VIDEO
© Douglas P. DeFelice / Getty Images

In the high-stakes world of the UFC, where fights happen at lightning speed and every move counts, the role of the commentator is crucial. Among the respected voices in the octagon, the most influential and beloved figures in the field of UFC commentary stand out as Michael Bisping, Jon Anik, Paul Felder, Daniel Cormier, Brendan Fitzgerald and the legendary Joe Rogan.

These experts not only provide insightful analysis and expert commentary, but also add an extra layer of excitement and intensity to the viewing experience. One of the unique aspects that fans love is the honest reactions of these commentators, especially after witnessing a spectacular finish, and the UFC has made it a point to capture these moments and share them with the audience.

It is not the first time that such a video has been published, but it must be admitted that this one is among the best for sure.

270 thousand views in two days

In a recent compilation released by the UFC, highlighting the best commentary reactions of 2023, fans were treated to an exciting montage that garnered an impressive 270k views in less than two days.

The video featured memorable moments such as Joe Rogan and Jon Anik's animated responses to Justin Gaethje's stunning victory over Dustin Poirier. The elation of witnessing Israel Adesanya's triumph over Alex Pereira and Michael Bisping's reaction to Strickland claiming the belt were also captured, giving fans a glimpse into the raw and unfiltered emotions of the commentators.

The great passion and dedication that these commentators bring to the sport certainly contributes to the popularity of the UFC, and when Rogan once said that he might not comment anymore, the fans begged him not to do so.

These commentators elevate the viewer experience beyond mere technical analysis, with engaging commentary and natural, heartfelt reactions. Although there was a lot of excitement and unexpected victories this year, it would be interesting if the UFC made an All Time compilation of the commentators' reactions.

UFC fans can be reminded of the past year and the best moments, and the video really contains all the important and exciting situations within the UFC. It is technically brilliantly made with good music and sound, and you can watch the compilation in the video below the text.