Jon Anik believes Conor McGregor fighting at 185 has ‘no divisional relevance’

Jon Anik does not want to see Conor McGregor fighting at middleweight.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jon Anik believes Conor McGregor fighting at 185 has ‘no divisional relevance’
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Conor McGregor’s recent comeback fight announcement become a source of joy and surprise for many. People were shocked because they were expecting McGregor to show up 155 or 170 pounds but he said that the fight on 29th June against Michael Chandler will happen at 185 pounds.

Sports commentator Jon Anik is amongst the many who is not very thrilled to see McGregor make such a decision and hopes for the fight to not happen at middleweight. The fight details haven’t officially been confirmed yet and Conor’s tone also seemed to be quite sarcastic in the video he uploaded so it would be fair to assume that the fight may not happen at 185.

Jon Anik on McGregor announcing a comeback at 185 pounds

In a recent interview with MMA Junkie, Jon Anik shared his thoughts on Conor McGregor’s recent fight announcement. “I pray that’s our reality (that it doesn’t happen at middleweight),” Anik said, as quoted by

“If I was writing a pay-per-view open, and I do write those myself, I would eliminate the weight class probably. I probably would eliminate the weight class from my pay-per-view open and just focus on a returning Conor McGregor.

The only defense for that fight happening at middleweight, with respect to my friend Conor McGregor, is his leg. And if they just don’t want him (to) and he doesn’t want to cut the weight, to try to have that leg be as strong as humanly possible to try to get through that first fight”.

Jon Anik on McGregor fighting at 170 and 155 pounds

“It has no divisional relevance at ’85, really doesn’t have much at ’70. And I have long sort of wished that Conor McGregor would compete more at 155 pounds.

I would just like to see the man competing at ’55, but this fight with Michael Chandler is not going to be at 155 pounds. But I think I would have to eliminate (the weight) from the pay-per-view open process because it just seems such a stretch. And I do hope for both their sake it is at ’70, and Conor was just saying that tongue-in-cheek”.

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