Paddy Pimblett throws a message for Ilia Topuria and Terrence McKinney

Paddy Pimblett explains why he has apathy for Ilia Topuria and Terrence McKinney.

by Aryan Lakhani
Paddy Pimblett throws a message for Ilia Topuria and Terrence McKinney
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Paddy Pimblett has nothing but animosity for the featherweight contender Ilia Topuria; their rivalry started outside the cage in 2022, when the two of them got into an altercation. According to Paddy Pimblett, Ilia Topuria tried to slap him, and in return, Paddy threw a sanitiser bottle, which is why Paddy refers to him as ‘sanitiser boy’.

Both fighters compete in different weight divisions, but it won’t be surprising to see them clash in the near future. Apart from Ilia Topuria, Terrence McKinney gets him into a state of aggravation.

Paddy Pimblett on Ilia Topuria

Recently on the Happy Endings Podcast, Paddy Pimblett shared his thoughts on Ilia Topuria, Terrence McKinney and haters all around the world.

“Probably hand sanitizer boy,” Pimblett said, as quoted by “He’s a sausage. He tried to throw a slap at me when I was on my own, and he was with about 12 of his mates. He tried to throw a slap at me, so I stepped back and threw a hand sanitizer bottle at his head.

That’s why I call him hand sanitizer boy. I don’t even know his name. I just know him as hand sanitizer boy.

Paddy Pimblett on Terrence McKinney

“I’ve had loads of people talking about me, That little mushroom that goes by the dinosaur name.

Whatever his name is, that mushroom, he doesn’t stop talking about me. You can type a name in on someone’s [X account], and he’s got about 700 tweets [about me]. Terrance McKinney, his nickname is ‘T-Wrecks,’ every interview he talks about me.

No one knows you, you bum”.

Paddy Pimblett on haters

“If you don’t like me, eat * lad. * off. If you don’t like me, * off, what are you here for? Like, what are you even giving them the time of day for? They’re commenting that to you so you comment back. They’re winning by you commenting back, but I’m like, ‘They need to know!’. ”.

Paddy Pimblett