Stipe Miocic Breaks Silence: Responding to Aspinall's Provocation

Yesterday Aspinall wrote about Stipe's last win when GTA: San Andreas came out on Playstation 2, and now he's got a response from Miocic

by Sededin Dedovic
Stipe Miocic Breaks Silence: Responding to Aspinall's Provocation
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Since securing the interim heavyweight belt, Tom Aspinall has been relentless in calling out two giants of the division – Stipe Miocic and Jon Jones. Despite being advised by Dana White to be patient and wait his turn, Aspinall has been vocal about his desire to fight for the title.

For days, he has been calling out Jones and Miocic as well as the UFC organization itself, with a touch of respect with some ironic statements. Stipe Miocic appears to be Aspinall's primary target, possibly because Miocic tends to avoid verbal sparring.

Aspinall appears to be using Miocic's reserved nature to gain media attention. In a recent tweet, Aspinall noted the time lapse since Miocic's last win: "When Stipe last fought and won, GTA: San Andreas had just come out on Play Station 2.

He will be fighting for the heavyweight title next, ahead of me who is the interim champion, active and currently number one in the world. That makes me quite upset. "

Miocic answered

Surprisingly, Miocic broke his silence and responded to Aspinal, addressing the interim champion's impatience.

"I was never the cause of the delay of that fight against Jon. Tom, once I achieve this victory, we will talk about the unification of the belt'', Miocic answered briefly Aspinall's focus on Miocic may be strategic, given the uncertainty surrounding the clash between Miocic and Jon Jones.

Despite being the interim champion, Aspinall should be committed to defending his title until a clear path to a unification fight emerges. As the anticipation for the showdown between Miocic and Jones grows stronger, it seems that the summer of this year is the earliest potential date for the clash.

Whether Jones will recover by then and whether we will finally witness this biggest match in the history of the UFC depends on many factors, but for a long time there has been no greater anticipation for a heavyweight match. Until then, Aspinall remains the interim champion, who should focus on his challengers rather than Jones and Miocic.

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