UFC's Welterweight Drama: Will Belal Muhammad Secure His Long-Awaited Shot?

Muhammad also said that he plans to go to Dagestan and train with Khabib and his team, so he wants to prepare as well as possible

by Sededin Dedovic
UFC's Welterweight Drama: Will Belal Muhammad Secure His Long-Awaited Shot?
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Belal Muhammad, a determined light heavyweight contender, is on the verge of realizing his long cherished dream of a title challenge. Despite not being the most glamorous or well-liked fighter, Muhammad's impressive winning streak makes a compelling case for his real shot at the welterweight belt.

Regardless of his impressive performances and winning streak, it seems that he was not of much interest to UFC management due to his lower popularity and the thought that he would not sell many PPVs. While the UFC has yet to confirm a potential matchup between Muhammad and Leon Edwards, the fighter remains optimistic that Dana White will follow through on his promise and give him the opportunity he deserves.

Expressing his hopes, Muhammad shared with MMA Junkie: “I hope Dana drops one of those legendary announcements soon. As for me, I think it's time for that to happen. I feel ready for it. He said he wants to fight at UFC 300, it makes sense, but nothing is certain until the contract is signed.

When I get that, I'll be satisfied. Dana is not a man who does not keep his word, we are waiting for everything to be finalized'' Muhammad, known for his gritty approach, predicts a challenging fight for Edwards if the bout materializes.

"Leon has to fight someone as hungry as me, it's going to be a tough fight for him. He's going to realize that those motivational speakers won't be able to give him advice against me in the corner. When I hear that, I know he's mentally weak.

He's going to need David Goggins in the corner when he fights me'' In preparation for a potential title fight, Muhammad has ambitious plans to travel to Dagestan and train with Khabib Nurmagomedov and his renowned team. Khabib has already shown respect for Muhammad and said that he needs one more piece in the puzzle to make a breakthrough.

This strategic move emphasizes Muhammad's commitment to improving his skills, and with rigorous mountain training in Dagestan, there will be no mistakes. True fight fans are eagerly awaiting the confrontation between Belal Muhammad and Leon Edwards, because those who actively follow the UFC are aware that the light heavyweight category cannot offer a more interesting match than this one.