Ilia Topuria slams Sean O’Malley fight, ready to face Conor McGregor next

Ilia Topuria's recent tweet creates a huge debate in the MMA community.

by Aryan Lakhani
Ilia Topuria slams Sean O’Malley fight, ready to face Conor McGregor next
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The featherweight title challenger Ilia Topuria recently went back and forth with Sean O’Malley. Topruia made a bold claim of facing Conor McGregor next and totally abandoned the idea of fighting Sean O’Malley by declining it.

Alexander Volkanovski has a tough task ahead; losing momentum has invaded his glorious winning streak. However, Volkanovksi has been very successful in the featherweight division, and it will be fascinating to see if he pulls it off one more time against the competitive Ilia Topuria.

Switching weight divisions is seemingly becoming more common in the UFC; Ilia Topuria will have to jump up to the lightweight division if he wishes to face Conor McGregor.

Ilia Topuria’s recent tweet

“I offered to fight you but the UFC told me that you are only good for fighting in teenagers’ places, because that’s your only fan base, Our fight will never happen.

After fighting Volk I will fight Conor and you will come as a fan boy. After seeing your PPV numbers the only thing I can offer you is that you fight in the preliminaries of my card”. It would be unfair to assume that Topuria’s tweet actually shuts off the possibility of a future fight with Sean O’Malley.

Both fighters would definitely make it happen, as either one will get to become a double champion. If Sean O’Malley successfully defends his belt against Marlon Vera and Ilia Topuria becomes the new featherweight champion, then there won’t be any reason strong enough not to make this fight happen.

As far as Alexander Volkaonvski is concerned, in the short-term, he is done with making a jump to the lightweight division, but the desire to become a double champion is still alive within him, and to translate that desire into reality, he said he will show up again at some point in the future.

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