UFC 300: A Potential Rematch Looms as Masvidal and Askren Consider a Showdown

It was against Askren that Masvidal achieved the most famous move in his career, i.e. the famous knockout in the middle of 2019 when he "put him to sleep" with a flying knee in just 5 seconds of the fight

by Sededin Dedovic
UFC 300: A Potential Rematch Looms as Masvidal and Askren Consider a Showdown
© Steven Ryan / Getty Images

As UFC 300 approaches, the premier mixed martial arts organization finds itself in a precarious situation with some of its biggest stars absent for the event. Despite the anticipation of a spectacular show, the current list of available fighters raises the question of whether the promised spectacle will turn into an unforeseen debacle even though it has been announced for a long time.

Jorge Masvidal recently made headlines by announcing the end of his retirement, injecting a dose of excitement into the MMA community. Adding to the intrigue, Ben Askren, a key figure in Masvidal's career, has also hinted at a potential return to the Octagon.

Askren has expressed his willingness to come out of retirement for a rematch against Masvidal if UFC president Dana White extends an invitation. This match would surely attract a lot of attention and the earnings would be big.

Flying knee and rematch

In a recent statement, Askren stated, "Listen to me, I'm going to say something. If Dana calls me and offers Jorge Masvidal at UFC 300, International Fight Week, I'm going to come out of retirement.

I'm going to fight him again, I don't care." Askren acknowledged the potential obstacles in realizing the fight, but emphasized his readiness and fitness for such a challenge. ''I'm not going to beg them for it, it's not likely to happen anyway.

However, if it does, I'll let them know I'll be there. If not, I'll move on with my life. I'm ready, I'm in shape, I wrestle a lot. Want to fight? Excellent,'' he added. The backdrop for this potential rematch is the infamous meeting between Masvidal and Askren in 2019, where Masvidal secured the win with a stunning flying knee that knocked Askren unconscious in just 5 seconds.

After that bout, Askren decided to retire from MMA, leaving fans curious about a potential return. While the chances of this rematch materializing remain uncertain, it adds an intriguing element to the lead-up to UFC 300. Whether or not Dana White will entertain the idea and orchestrate a bout between Masvidal and Asken remains to be seen. But given the background of their story together, this could be a great way to sell the PPV.