Aspinall: When Stipe last fought and won, GTA: San Andreas had just come out on PS 2

Dana White pointed out in mid-December that Aspinall will definitely not fight either Miocic or Jones, but will be forced to wait his turn

by Sededin Dedovic
Aspinall: When Stipe last fought and won, GTA: San Andreas had just come out on PS 2
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Interim UFC heavyweight champion Tom Aspinall has taken his frustrations public, expressing displeasure with the promotion's decision to wait for Jon Jones to return from injury before scheduling a match against Stipe Miocic for the undisputed title.

Aspinall took to his X account to voice his concerns and lay out his case for why he should be next in line for the title. Aspinall didn't hold back, pointing out the time gap since Miocic's last fight and his own successes.

"When Stipe last fought and won, GTA: San Andreas had just come out on Play Station 2. He will be fighting for the heavyweight title next, ahead of me who is the interim champion, active, and currently ranked world number one.

It makes me pretty upset," Aspinall wrote, then followed up with a new post shortly after: "Stipe is one of my favorite fighters. Much respect to him, his resume is way better than mine right now. Also, the UFC has never dealt with this .

It's about who is the best right now, and I believe it's me and it's only right that I can prove it. "

Fight for the title

Despite acknowledging Miocic's legendary status, Aspinall is adamant the interim champion should be guaranteed a shot at the undisputed title.

"If you're the interim champion, your next fight should definitely be for the title," he insisted. In subsequent posts, he continued to emphasize his desire to prove he is the best and questioned the UFC's decision-making process.

Aspinall also drew attention to his journey, highlighting the challenges he faced. "Final 'Fun Fact': Since Stipe's last win, I injured my knee, went through the rehab process, took a year off, had seven UFC fights, including four wins against TOP 10 ranked opponents and won the interim title at ' of two weeks," he revealed.

Despite Aspinall's vocal displeasure, UFC president Dana White previously indicated that Aspinall would not face Miocic or Jones next, urging him to wait his turn and possibly take another fight to stay active.

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