Bryce Mitchell reacts to his brutal knockout loss: “They thought I was dead”


Bryce Mitchell reacts to his brutal knockout loss: “They thought I was dead”
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The featherweight contender Bryce Mitchell faced one of the most terrifying knockouts of the year; Josh Emmett landed a strong right hand which put Bryce Mitchell to sleep.

The terrifying part was his unresponsiveness; after getting knocked out, Bryce Mitchell had seizures and wasn’t showing any signs of wakefulness.

Bryce Mitchell will most likely take 6 months off training and show up in the second half of 2024.

Bryce Mitchell on his knockout loss

Recently on, Bryce Mitchell revealed what it was like getting knocked out and explained how people thought he was dead.

“The worst part is dealing with everybody afterward, because they all thought I was dead,” Mitchell said, as quoted by “Everybody that I knew was crying. On the bright side, that was the easiest fight for me.

I’ve never had a fight where I’ve come out feeling so great. I just woke up in the ambulance and barely remembered what happened. There’s no pain, I’m telling you. But everybody was crying, and they thought I was dead; I’m not exaggerating.

I’m on my own concussion protocol, I’ll consult with my coaches, too, and we’re basically just saying, ‘You know, don’t spar for six months.’ I’ve got to [build a new house] and [I’m expecting my first child], but then I’m right into my next training camp after that.

The good thing is that I don’t have to rush into it.

Bryce Mitchell on getting knocked out

“When a fighter gets knocked out that bad – and I was watching the fight back for film study – when I saw how bad the knockout was, I watched the whole thing, and I watched what they did with me afterward, and I was talking afterward, I was shaking hands and stumbling around – dude, they need to immediately escort me out of there, and I really do think that needs to be protocol”.