Gilbert Burns reveals what it was like training with Paddy Pimblett

Gilbert Burns impressed by Paddy Pimblett's skills as a fighter.

by Aryan Lakhani
Gilbert Burns reveals what it was like training with Paddy Pimblett
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Paddy Pimblett has done nothing wrong in his career so far; the back-to-back wins is soon going to allow him to enter the top 15 lightweight rankings. Pimblett’s recent performance against Tony Ferguson was appreciated yet ridiculed by many.

Gilbert Burns is one of those who believe that Paddy did a great job against Tony Ferguson; interestingly, Gilbert Burns had a training session with Paddy Pimblett, and based on his personal experience, he sensed seriousness from Paddy’s performance.

However, Burns also suggested that he needs to be tested a little more.

Gilbert Burns on Paddy Pimblett

Recently on the JAXXON Podcast, Gilbert Burns shared his thoughts on Paddy Pimblett as a fighter. “I think he’s still super young and he’s going through the test,” Burns said, as quoted by

“He’s undefeated in the UFC. He beat a couple good guys – Jared Gordon and now Tony. Tony, unfortunately, is not the Tony that we all like. I’m still a fan of the guy and I think he’s a freaking legend, but he’s kind of going down now.

But the guy showed up because Tony is like the old guy, the old shark – if he smells that blood, if he sees it, he’s going to take it. I think the guy fought very good. Like I said, (Pimblett) still needs to get tested.

I still think that he needs to get to that point that’s like, let’s see what he’s going to do on that last round. He lost the first one, lost the second one and let’s see now. I still want to see those guys tested, but still very young.

(He has) good jiu-jitsu. When I was in the U.K., I was training with him. The guy is serious. He takes it super serious. Good guy, trains hard, I think, but still got to be tested a little bit”.

Gilbert Burns Paddy Pimblett