Daniel Cormier: 'Dana must offer Khabib something much more than just money'

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Daniel Cormier: 'Dana must offer Khabib something much more than just money'

In addition to the three great events that the UFC will hold on Fight Island from January 16 to 23 and which will open 2021, great attention will be paid to something else that will happen in the same place. It is a meeting of Dane White and Khabib Nurmagomedov, and the president of the UFC does not hide his intention to persuade the lightweight champion to continue his active martial arts career.

He even said he was willing to bet on himself at any moment, despite Khabib sounding pretty convincing on Oct. 24 as he announced his retirement. Not once after that did he give any sign that could lead to a change of attitude.

How likely White is to succeed in his plan might be able to be assessed by someone who has spent enough time with Khabib and who knows how he thinks. Such a person is Daniel Cormier, another retired former champion who is also in his decision for now absolutely convinced that he was right.

In a conversation with Laura Sanko, he revealed that White will have to have a good ace up his sleeve if he wants to get what he intends to do.

Cornier on Khabib

"I once asked Khabib how much money it takes to be rich in Dagestan.

He told me five million dollars and you are rich for the rest of your life. Khabib has a lot more than that five million dollars, so I don't know how many Dana could offer to persuade him to return to the Octagon, "Cormier said, continuing: "Dana will have to pull something from the spiritual side to persuade him to fight some more because he is not a man looking for money, he has earned enough in his career.

It will have to be something that will fully motivate him and make him come back. Money will certainly not. " "Khabib is something similar I have already said" and he also added that in the lightweight category he no longer sees any fights that can motivate him in the right way.

"McGregor, Gaethje, and Poirier won, and Tony Ferguson is down. Of course, there will always be those like Charles Oliveira who appear in front of the top at the moment, but it seems that such are not what is required."

"Georges St-Pierre? Knowing Khabib, if White comes up with that name, he could hit him where Cormier deems it necessary.