Cormier: Conor McGregor sounds like 'Dr. Evil' from Austin Powers

Chandler may be playing the "good guy" card, but he finally got his chance to fight McGregor

by Sededin Dedovic
Cormier: Conor McGregor sounds like 'Dr. Evil' from Austin Powers
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In a recent video on social media, Conor McGregor shocked fans by revealing his intention to face Michael Chandler in a middleweight bout scheduled for the sixth month of this year. The unexpected announcement took everyone by surprise as neither fighter had ever competed in the middleweight division before.

McGregor's unusual choice of weight class has sparked speculation and commentary from the MMA community, with Daniel Cormier offering his insights. Cormier, referring to McGregor's announcement on his YouTube channel, called the Irish fighter "Dr.

Evil" and suggested that McGregor may be using psychological tactics to manipulate Chandler. "He sounded like 'Dr. Evil' from Austin Powers. Remember how Dr. Evil used to make those little jokes and then laugh and point his finger in his face? He knew he was doing something wrong, and now Conor McGregor is doing it too '' Cormier said on his YouTube channel.

McGregor is evil

Cormier emphasized McGregor's tendency to play the villain in sports, stating, "McGregor is evil, he plays the villain, and what villains do is manipulate. McGregor is the villain, and you know why? Because Chandler refuses to be evil, and in this situation maybe he should have played like that.

" According to Cormier, McGregor's strategic move could be an attempt to get under Chandler's skin, taking advantage of the fact that Chandler tends to avoid confrontational behavior. This is something that Conor has done throughout his career and mostly successfully, with the exception of Khabib who has shown mental and physical strength.

However, we will see how the verbal war will unfold in the coming time, and considering Conor, we are sure that there will be one. Although McGregor's announcement caused excitement among fans, it is important to note that the bout is subject to official confirmation from the UFC.

So far, the promotion has not formally confirmed a scheduled match between McGregor and Chandler in that time frame. Still, the unexpected weight class reversal and Cormier's analysis add an intriguing layer of anticipation to a potential showdown between these two accomplished fighters.

In the coming days, we expect confirmation of this match, and what is most interesting for everyone, confirmation that the match will be in the middleweight category.

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