Jorge Masvidal Drops Retirement, Eyes UFC 300 Comeback

It seems that the UFC offered him "something crazy" when he announced his return

by Sededin Dedovic
Jorge Masvidal Drops Retirement, Eyes UFC 300 Comeback
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Exactly eight months after announcing his retirement from professional sports, Jorge Masvidal surprised fans by announcing his return to the Octagon. The decision comes as the highly anticipated UFC 300 approaches, sparking speculation that Masvidal is looking to return to the big stage.

Nothing has been officially confirmed, but it is clear that there will be many matches at UFC 300, so it is likely that Masvidal will be in one of them, judging by his announcement. Masvidal retired after his fourth straight loss and was defeated by Gilbert Burns at UFC 287.

The losing streak led Masvidal to believe he had nothing left to accomplish in the UFC cage. Several defeats and a noticeable poor condition in recent years were the reasons for his retirement, but Masvidal seems to have changed his mind.

The allure of UFC 300 seems to have reignited his passion for the sport. On his Twitter account, Masvidal made the announcement with a succinct post that simply read "unretired." The one-word statement suggests that he is officially ending his retirement and will no longer have retired fighter status.

Soon it should be known what "made" the experienced fighter to return to the octagon again.

"Something crazy" seems to have happened

During an appearance on "The MMA Hour" with Ariel Helwani in the fourth month of his retirement, Masvidal hinted that he never fully closed the door on his return.

He noted that it would take "something crazy" to bring him out of retirement. It appears that the UFC made him a tempting offer, leading to his decision to return to the sport. Masvidal left the sport with a string of losses, including losses to former champion Kamaru Usman, Colby Covington and his most recent fight against Gilbert Burns.

Details surrounding his return and the specific offer that convinced him to come out of retirement have not yet been released. Although it is speculated that he received a very lucrative contract for 2 more fights, this has not been confirmed by the UFC or the fighter.

The unexpected return brings a renewed sense of anticipation and excitement to the MMA community as many have been saying that Masvidal is making a mistake by retiring, it seems that after 8 months he has decided to correct that "mistake".

We only have to get confirmation of his participation at UFC 300 and the details of his return to the Octagon in the coming days.

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