Belal Muhammad believes Colby Covington will never get a title shot again

Belal Muhammad disappointed by Colby Covington's recent performance and cannot see him getting a title shot again.

by Aryan Lakhani
Belal Muhammad believes Colby Covington will never get a title shot again
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Belal Muhammad, like many of the other spectators, found Colby Covington’s performance underwhelming and unprofessional. Colby Covington showed up for his 3rd title shot; Belal Muhammad believes he will never make it to that stage in his career ever again.

Belal Muhammad is eagerly waiting for his turn to fight for the prestigious UFC welterweight belt.

According to Dana White, he is next, and it will be very interesting to see if Dana White fullfils his promise.

Belal Muhammad on Colby Covington’s performance

In a recent interview with MMA Fighting, Belal Muhammad explained why he thought Colby Covington’s performance was ‘terrible’.
“He looked terrible,” Muhammad said, as quoted by

“It was one of those things where I’ve said from the beginning that Colby would be my easiest matchup in the top 10. I knew what his style was, and how to beat him, and Leon did a good job of just putting him on his backfoot, making him uncomfortable.
Colby, his striking, I always said was amateurish, and every punch he landed, none of it hurt.

The punches he was throwing were like cardio kickboxing punches. Leon would just wait for it and then counter off it right away. Then once he started countering off it, Colby got afraid”.

Belal Muhammad on Colby Covington agreeing to fight Stephen Thompson

"Colby’s looking for that fight, somebody he can wrestle and try to get a win so he can get another mic time.But the game’s over.

People realize that you’re not going to fight one of these really good top 10 guys. Any of the top 10 guys will beat him right now. So he’s going to try to pick and choose his next opponent. Maybe he’ll go down to [lightweight], maybe he’ll try to call out Dustin Poirier, try to pick at that. But his title reign days are over with”.

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