Colby Covington: I would die fighting for Donald Trump, I want to be governor

It looks like Colby already has plans worked out for what he will do after his fighting career

by Sededin Dedovic
Colby Covington: I would die fighting for Donald Trump, I want to be governor
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Instead of taking a well-deserved rest or considering retirement, Covington decided to step into a completely different ring - the political arena. Yesterday, he revealed his ambitions and plans for the period after his martial arts career, hinting that he sees himself as an active participant in political life.

Given his distinctive speaking style and the prowess he has shown in the cage, many wonder how Covington will carry his fighting spirit into the world of politics. Although it is still unclear which political path he will choose, Covington has hinted that he is attracted to the idea of holding public hearings and representing views that he considers important to the community.

It remains to be seen whether his passion for politics will match the success he achieved in the martial world, or whether a whole new kind of challenge and conflict will open up for him. Fans and political observers alike are expected to follow this new phase in Colby Covington's life with interest.

And Colby laid out the plans yesterday:

Target: Governor of Florida

''I definitely want to try to get to Congress in the next few years, I think I'd be the perfect fighter. I will not be the type to sell out to the 'establishment'

I built myself from nothing. I come from a working-class family that had absolutely nothing, that lived in trailers, and now I'm a multi-millionaire athlete. I appreciate everything Donald Trump has done for me, he is my biggest role model.

I would die fighting for that man,'' Colby said on the PBD Podcast and continued: "I know that I am more than just a fighter. I don't just fight in the cage. I use my brain, I have an intellect with which I can direct the river to go as I wish.

I want to become the governor of Florida, my ultimate goal is to become the governor of this state. I want to fight for what I believe in. '' It seems that Colby already has some well thought out plans for his life after his fighting career is over.

His ability to express himself is definitely not in doubt, so his penchant for politics is no surprise. During his time in the Octagon, Covington often used words as a weapon, creating controversy and attracting public attention.

Now, as he announces his entry into the political world, it remains an open question whether his rhetorical skills will translate to the political arena.

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