Unmasking UFC's Double Champion Dilemma: Paul Felder Doesn't Like This Trend

"Stay in your categories, dominate there first," said the popular UFC commentator

by Sededin Dedovic
Unmasking UFC's Double Champion Dilemma: Paul Felder Doesn't Like This Trend
© Paul Kane / Getty Images

In the UFC, a remarkable trend has emerged, unlike any seen before. Champions, who have recently secured their titles in their weight classes or have defended them once or twice, are increasingly opting for a move - a direct assault on the championship in the upper weight class, all in pursuit of the coveted status of the two champions.

This ambition has become a defining characteristic of the modern UFC era, with a host of fighters seizing the opportunity to etch their names into history. UFC commentator Paul Felder, a keen observer of the sport, acknowledges the rise of this trend.

However, he has a nuanced perspective, suggesting that such pursuits should be limited unless a fighter has already established himself as a dominant force in his current weight class. Felder argues that allowing this transition too early in a champion's career could dilute the importance of holding multiple titles and potentially undermine the integrity of the divisions.

Be champions in your category

"We've concluded that Belal Muhammad is the first challenger for Leon Edwards at welterweight, and Leon has said he wants to break GSP's record. Then comes Islam Makhachev who says he is next for the welterweight title.

Guys, stay in your categories, be champions in them. Can we have a dominant champion before you all want to fight for another belt?'' Felder said on the Round-up podcast and continued: "It wasn't like this before. People didn't do that – although Conor was an exception.

He did it and made it absolutely crazy, he was a super star. Cormer did it because he did it all at light heavyweight. Now everyone wants to be double champions. How about you have a whole list of title defenses before you want this?' Felder is absolutely right because this situation is really out of control.

Today's champions are often not ready to defend their titles in their own categories, but immediately engage in the challenges of higher categories. Hopefully, the UFC will take steps to stop this practice and follow Felder's recommendation: first establish dominance in one's division, then consider moving up.

This would not only strengthen the fight for the title in each category but also preserve the integrity of the fight. If all fighters adhere to the same rules and standards, it will result in a fair and exciting competition that honors true champions.