Aljamain Sterling reveals how an indisciplined lifestyle affected his training

Aljamain Sterling explains how his lifestyle was after losing to Sean O'Malley.

by Aryan Lakhani
Aljamain Sterling reveals how an indisciplined lifestyle affected his training
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The former UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling has officially made a jump to the featherweight division and will make his debut against Calvin Kattar at the UFC 300 event.Sterling recently revealed how his unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking and eating adversely affected his training sessions.

He has already started to prepare himself for his upcoming match.

Aljamain Sterling on his unhealthy habits

In a recent YouTube video, Aljamain Sterling explained how he struggled fighting his bad habits after the end of his last fight.

“Like you can’t help yourself,” Sterling said, as quoted by . You’re telling yourself to stop eating, but somehow your hands are still moving towards the fridge, your legs are still walking towards the fridge, your fingers are dialing DoorDash and Uber Eats.

Somehow you’re still ordering food when you know you don’t want anything. It’s like a sickness. Right now I’m just tired. I do one to two rounds of striking, and I’m exhausted. Also (I’m) moving around and trying to do what I do when I’m lighter.

Those eight to nine weeks of drinking every single day and hookah non-stop, staying up late at night, it definitely took a toll on my lungs, so I still feel like I’m battling back from and trying to gain all that. We sparred, and I felt like I had a relatively solid day except when I went with Julian Erosa.

Aljamain Sterling on sparring with tall fighters

“I did some good stuff, but there’s still some things I’m having trouble with because of the height difference. (He’s 6-foot-1) and fights at 145. There’s going to be some things I need to figure out where I was closer to being the tallest guy at bantamweight.

Now you got Sean Woodson, you got Julian Erosa, you got some of these guys who are just like trees, so I’ve got to figure out the game with that'

Aljamain Sterling