Alex Pereira is ready to show up at the heavyweight division when the time is right

Alex Pereira explains why the logic behind his recent post and reveals if he will ever fight at the heavyweight division.

by Aryan Lakhani
Alex Pereira is ready to show up at the heavyweight division when the time is right
© Sarah Stier / Getty Images

The UFC light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira is filled with ambition after making a successful entry into the light heavyweight division. There have been discussions about Pereira fighting at heavyweight for the historic UFC 300 event after he posted “3 + 300 = 3” on social media.

However, Pereira took the time to clarify that he isn’t making a jump to the heavyweight division – at least not now!

But he is ready to do it in the future.

Alex Pereira on his recent tweet

In a recent interview with Mac Life, Alex Pereira explained why he posted “3+300=3”. “I had a dream – it was 30 plus 300 is equal to three, and I got confused on all those numbers,” Pereira said, as quoted by

“I tossed it on there to see if people could help figure out the equation. Like the other day I had a dream about some numbers, and I played a raffle in Brazil and won a motorcycle. Then two months later, it was actually real.

I had another one, and I put some more numbers and won another motorcycle. So I’m like, ‘You know what? Post this for the fans and see if they can help figure it out.’ I had 30 plus 300 is equal to three. We’re all trying to figure it out too”.

Alex Pereira on fighting at heavyweight

“I fought at middleweight, and I had to reset my body to go up to fighting at light heavyweight, I’m a fighter. I’ll fight anybody, anywhere. I have the height and the size of a heavyweight, but this is a thing that’s got to be programmed, put some work in.

It’s not just something I jump in on. I want to make things the right way. I can definitely fight at heavyweight, maybe some day in the future. But it’s got to be something that’s well planned. So right now I’m focused on my light heavyweight reign”.

Alex Pereira