Daniel Cormier surprised to see Dricus Du Plessis underestimate Sean Strickland

Daniel Cormier shares his thoughts on Dricus Du Plessis taking the title fight lightly.

by Aryan Lakhani
Daniel Cormier surprised to see Dricus Du Plessis underestimate Sean Strickland
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Sean Strickland shocked the entire world after snatching everything away from Israel Adesanya. Interestingly, Strickland was looked upon as the heavy underdog in that fight, which is why it was difficult for people to digest the outcome of that fight.

Dricus Du Plessis is officially the next title challenger. He will face Sean Strickland on 20th January 2024. According to Daniel Cormier, after having a conversation with people close to Dricus Du Plessis, he found out that Du Plessis and his team believed the match wouldn't be competitive at all.

Daniel Cormier on Dricus Du Plessis's expectations

In a recent YouTube video, Daniel Cormier shared his thoughts on how Dricus Du Plessis is looking at the match. "And I believe that now these guys at 170 [pounds] are like, they feel like Sean Strickland is beatable.

I talked to people close to Du Plessis — they believe it is an afterthought that he gets through Sean Strickland," Cormier said as quoted by mmafighting.com. "Like, they believe that he is so far ahead of Sean Strickland that it will not be competitive.

I don't know how you could watch that last fight [against Adesanya] and feel like that. Sean Strickland becomes the champ now and Leon Edwards is immediately talking about going to 185, Kamaru Usman was immediately talking about going to 185.

What is that? Like, why he is — honestly, it feels like they feel like there's a beatable champion, so I'm going to take my shot. Why is Sean Strickland overlooked still?".

Daniel Cormier on the brawl

"He's always in the middle of something,I really don't know [how that crowd brawl happens].

I don't know how you miss that with him. There are fighters that you can put sitting next to someone they're going to fight down the line. Sean Strickland doesn't seem like that type of fighter."

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