The Korean Zombie reveals why he retired: “I’ve been having brain damage”

The Korean Zombie has permenantly retired from the sport of MMA, but he is open to fighting in different formats.

by Aryan Lakhani
The Korean Zombie reveals why he retired: “I’ve been having brain damage”
© Corey Perrine/The Florida Times-Union via AP

The sport of MMA has made fighters quit due to severe injuries and health complications. Former UFC fighter Chan Sung Jung/Korean Zombie recently retired after facing a tough loss against Max Holloway.

He retired because he didn’t find the same spark he once had in his career, and his health complications also forced him to call it quits forever.

The Korean Zombie is certain of never making a return to the world of MMA, but he does not totally rule out fighting again.

Korean Zombie on retirement

Recently on The MMA Hour, Korean Zombie explained why he retired. “I’ve been having brain damage over the years, so I don’t have that chin anymore,” Korean Zombie said, as quoted by

“I’m not going to say any names but there are fighter who, when they were young, used to have a really good chin, but then as they get older they get brain damage, their chin gets weaker, and they get frequently dropped.

If the fighter fails to acknowledge the fact that they got old and their chin got weaker, the end isn’t as lovely. I didn’t want to become that fighter, so I decided to retire at that moment. I definitely wanted to show the crowd the classic Zombie, If the fans watched my first fight in the WEC, that’s how I fought originally.

I kind of wanted to put on a show for the fans and go back to the old version of me and put on a show. I kind of went out the way I came in this organization. I’m happy the fight went as it did”.

Korean Zombie on what he would do next

“If I get the opportunity, maybe boxing? A lot of MMA fighters try out boxing so why not me? Boxing would be fun for me”.