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Sterling on O'Malley: He says he's a 'PPV' star and our numbers are miserable

Sterling on O'Malley: He says he's a 'PPV' star and our numbers are miserable

In a review on his YouTube channel, Sterling touched on the fight against O'Malley and noted that he regretted accepting the Sean bout so quickly

by Sededin Dedovic
Sterling on O'Malley: He says he's a 'PPV' star and our numbers are miserable
© Paul Rutherford / Getty Images

Aljamain Sterling faced a remarkably brief interval between two of his matches this year, both of which involved defending his bantamweight champion title. "Aljo" secured a victory against Henry Cejudo in a five-round encounter in May, only to swiftly dive into a new training camp for his bout against Sean O'Malley on August 19.

Sterling suffered a technical knockout loss in the second round of that match, delivering one of his least impressive performances since joining the UFC. He spoke for his Youtube channel about the match with O'Malley and brought up some very interesting things "I was going over something with my wife, and when we were going through the PPV numbers that the event (UFC 292) did, I thought, 'Are these the numbers that this guy (O'Malley) is saying he's a big PPV star on?' ? Oh, my God'

If I had known the numbers would be so low, I would have taken the rest I needed and only now would I have prepared for that match. The UFC then told me that I could win that match in August, and if I refused, I would have to wait until the first, second or third month of 2024.

That's right, that's how it is. I gambled and believed that the numbers would be above all previous ones. That didn't happen, but I'm happy because I made some extra money. I had a good year and life is good,'' Sterling began "I knew what the circumstances were.

All people who follow the sport know that I was forced into that fight, but at the end of the day, it was my decision. I was never threatened with being fired or without the belt if I didn't accept the match. They told me: 'This is how things are, and you can accept or reject this opportunity'

I decided to take a risk, and things didn't go well. If I had more time to repair some injuries from the last match, I think the outcome would have been different. A lot can be said about that fight, but I made bad decisions in that fight and Sean had good instincts.

When I made a mistake, he took advantage of it and I can't take away from his victory in any way. Even if I had made it through training camp and made a mistake like that, he would have hit me anyway, because he was trained.

Respect for him, but I know that normally I don't make such mistakes and I just wanted to finish that match as soon as possible," explained "Aljo".