Colby Covington reveals his ‘ultimate dream’

Colby Covington shares his thoughts on what he would like to do after ending his MMA career.

by Aryan Lakhani
Colby Covington reveals his ‘ultimate dream’
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Colby Covington recently faced one of the toughest losses of his career against Leon Edwards; this was his 3rd title shot attempt and to his disappointment, he failed on every occasion, which perhaps proves a point – that he hasn’t learnt from his mistakes.

Covington was surprisingly optimistic after facing the loss, and he also thought that he had won the fight. Colby Covington seems to be prepared for his life after fighting professionally; he wants to enter the realm of politics and looks forward to being the governor of Florida.

Colby Covington is a huge fan of Donald Trump; maybe in the future, they could be linked in some way or another if Covington succeeds in joining the world of politics.

Colby Covington on the Leon Edwards fight

Recently on the PDB podcast, Colby Covington shared his thoughts on losing against Leon Edwards and revealed his post-retirement plans.

“I feel like when you start putting that one foot out and start thinking about what’s next, then you should probably retire,” Covington said, as quoted by “You’re not still completely invested in fighting.

So, I still know I’m one of the best fighters in the world. I just went five rounds with the supposed champion who was supposed to just completely decimate me. It was a very competitive fight, could’ve gone either way.

So, I know I’m so much more than a fighter, though.

Colby Covington on what he ultimately wants

“I’m smarter than that, I can use my mind, and I have the intellect to be able to navigate the waters to get me where I want to go in life.

I haven’t thought about it. I do want to get into politics one day because I want to fight for what I believe in. I want to get into Congress, maybe Senate, something like that. Maybe be the governor of Florida. That would be my ultimate dream is to be governor of this state”.

Colby Covington