Ben Askren believes Tony Ferguson should retire: “you need to be done”

Ben Askren explains why he thinks Tony Ferguson should retire.

by Aryan Lakhani
Ben Askren believes Tony Ferguson should retire: “you need to be done”
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Tony Ferguson’s daunting losing streak has provoked many fans and MMA experts to request him to retire. Ben Askren feels the same way after watching Tony Ferguson fight against Paddy Pimblett. The world was waiting to see Ferguson break out of his losing streak, but to most people’s disappointment, the losing streak got extended to 0-7.

The thought of retiring did enter Tony’s mind, but he didn’t mention much about it to the media; Tony still looks forward to fighting as he believes he has a lot more ‘fight’ left in his tank.

Perhaps Tony wants to secure a win before retiring. 2024 will most probably be the year he will return next, and it will be interesting to see against whom.

Ben Askren on Tony Ferguson’s retirement

In a recent interview with Middle Easy, Ben Askren shared his thoughts on Tony Ferguson’s recent fight against Paddy Pimblett and explained why he should retire.

“He says he wants to keep fighting,” Askren said, as quoted by “Is it a monetary thing where he needs to keep fighting for money? I don’t know, but Paddy does not seem to be that good.

He really doesn’t. And Tony, he just couldn’t get off his back. I don’t know what his plan was. He is a wrestler. He grew up wrestling. He knows how to get up. That’s folkstyle wrestling, but he chose to just be on his back for the entirety of the second and third round, right? It’s like, dude, get up.

Maybe even take him down. Paddy is not an elite wrestler. You should be able to go get a takedown on this dude. Make it happen. His trajectory is so insane, He was like, 13-0, or whatever the hell he was for a while, and now he’s 0-7. It’s like, yeah, you need to be done, buddy.

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