Conor McGregor expresses frustration for inactivity: “My patience is wearing thin”

Conor McGregor talks about the frustrations he is dealing with for the long-awaited approval from USADA.

by Aryan Lakhani
Conor McGregor expresses frustration for inactivity: “My patience is wearing thin”
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The notorious Conor McGregor is being forced to show his notorious side because of circumstances outside his control. Just like the fans, he isn’t enjoying the phase of inactivity and is disappointed for not getting a proper confirmation for his return.

McGregor was aiming to fight in December, but that ship has sailed due to which McGregor is more focused on fighting in April 2024 (UFC 300). Conor McGregor will most probably fight Michael Chandler for his comeback fight, and if all goes well, he then aims to fight Justin Gaethje, Kamaru Usman and Dustin Poirier.

McGregor also expressed strong interest in participating in a boxing match against a well-known boxer.

Conor McGregor on not being able to fight

In a recent interview with TalkSport, Conor McGregor shared his thoughts on the phase of inactivity and explained why he is frustrated.

“Give me something,” McGregor said as quoted by “It was supposed to be April, (and before) it was supposed to be December. They never treated anyone – no one hass ever been treated (like this) for all the figures I’ve brought in this game.

“I sell more than all of them combined. I see more than all of them combined. No one in the history of the fight game has ever been treated the way I’m getting treated – to what I came through, to what I bring … I’m waiting, I’m waiting and I’m waiting.

My patience is wearing thin”.

McGregor on opportunities outside the UFC

“Get me back in there. It’s bollocks, The Mac has loads to offer, loads to deliver. They’re talking Manny (Pacquiao). I don’t give a *.

They’re talking Manny here in Saudi. The lads in the UFC aren’t really talking any. So the lads here are talking Manny, and the UFC aren’t talking any”.

Conor Mcgregor